Announcing: Crowdfunding Pages for NationBuilder - cStreet Campaigns

Announcing: Crowdfunding Pages for NationBuilder

Update: These are now open-sourced, so follow the directions here to start raising more money. 

Traditionally, fundraising with NationBuilder has involved using one of two page-types to power giving: Donation Pages, which allow for simple one-time contributions, and MoneyBombs, which are aimed at turning fundraising into an event by allowing supporters to pledge to give at a specific date/time and providing a sense of momentum.  

In collaboration with the team behind Shit Harper Did, we’ve custom-developed a hybrid of the two that will allow groups to replicate the ‘Kickstarter / IndieGoGo’ experience to crowdfund support for their projects. We call this new tool Crowdfundr. 

These pages utilize a three-step conversion process. First a user is delivered a pledge, asking them to commit to giving (often utilizing a video pitch). Next they’re directed to the donations page where they complete a transaction, after which they’re asked to share their donation via Facebook, Twitter, or email.

Our Crowdfunding Pages include the following features:

  • Customizable sharing options at every step

  • A series of social proofs at key decision points

  • Tabs for posting updates and showing backers of the campaign

These pages are fully mobile-responsive, built to work seamlessly across desktops, tablets, and mobile phones. Early examples of this custom page-type that we've created include: Home Defenders League, SHD, Tar Sands Trial, and the ACFN's Neil Young Tour

originally published Friday, February 14, 2014