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Our Next Chapter

Eighteen months ago, we began a conversation with Lea, Jesse, Gina, and others on the leadership team at NationBuilder. This dialogue has now culminated in the significant decision to accept an offer to join their team. My lovely and unbelievably talented partner Amy Stuart will be joining the Design team and I will be joining the Professional Services team as the Director of Implementation Services.

This is a big decision for Amy & I personally and professionally, and it’s a decision we’re making with a renewed sense of purpose and excitement for the challenges we’ll get to work on at NationBuilder.

For most of the past decade I’ve lived and breathed NationBuilder, helping clients across progressive politics, labour, advocacy and higher ed build digital teams and digital infrastructure that leveraged the product. That work is the best thing I’ve ever done in my life and I’m forever grateful for the opportunities afforded me by our clients over those years. I know Amy echoes these sentiments.

Moving from a progressive digital agency to leadership-focused software company is going to be a dramatic sea change in our professional lives. Amy and I were both originally animated by NationBuilder as software capable of powering the movements we cared about and today we’re even more animated by their vision of making the infrastructure for organizing a fundamental human right.

There’s too many people to thank and too many favours to ever repay.

Thanks to all of you,
Josh Stuart

originally published Thursday, July 19, 2018