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Weekend Reading: Latest Launches, Design, Data & Inspiration


At cStreet Campaigns we’re always scouring the web for the latest trends in campaigns, digital organizing, gamification and big data. Each weekend we’ll round up the best of the web and post it here. Enjoy.

“A logo doesn’t equal a brand, and nonprofits would be much better served trying to formulate a real strategy than trying to use graphics to hide a lack of true mission.” This post from Good made our week.  Read Why Fast, Cheap, and Easy Design Is Killing Your Nonprofit’s Brand [GOOD]

This week two project launched from cStreet, both focused on using film to change the world.  The Bully Project is building a national movement against bullying in the US while ro*co Films Educational is expanding to help build community around the films they distribute.  [The Bully Project] [ro*co Films]

The world bank’s blog tackles the popular topic of Engaging Youth via New Media: Beyond 'Clicktivism' [World Bank Blogs]

“Is it just me, or is everything coming up data in 2013?” This and more in Nonprofits and Data: Looking for Inspiration [NPEngage]

Google.org Provides $4.4M In Grants To The Internet Society And NSRC To Improve Internet Access In Sub-Saharan Africa [Techcrunch]

Our friends at NationBuilder covered the launch of The Bully Project with thier post A nation to end bullying [NationBuilder]

Entrepreneurs: you're supposed to change the world, remember? [Examiner.com]

Here for your viewing pleasure is NationBuilder VP of Community Adriel Hampton from his recent visit to Ottawa’s PS Engage Conference: New Ways of Organizing.

originally published Sunday, March 03, 2013