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United Voice Queensland Featured in Social Policy


As we’ve blogged before, United Voice Queensland is both one of our longest standing and favorite clients. They’re the leading union of low wage and service workers in Australia, and we’re thrilled to have helped get them some recognition for their organizing in the latest issue of Social Policy - the leading journal of union and community organizing.  

The article – Childcare Workers Win Big with United Voice in Australia – looks at United Voice's campaigning to win a historic raise in the wages of early childhood educators. It was authored by Steven Miles, the Coordinator at Comprehensive Campaigns at United Voice Queensland, and includes an all-too generous shout out to cStreet Campaigns. 

Here's a couple of excerpts from the article:

Childcare in Australia has changed dramatically in the last ten years. In fact the professionals charged with our kids under five while their parents work or study prefer not to be called “childcare workers” at all. They are trained educators, just like the teachers who will take over when the kids turn five. This is the story of how those educators got organized and won an unprecedented government-funded wage subsidy.


Our efforts to organize parents were tasked to center directors. We deployed online organizing platform NationBuilder to collect parent pledges of support on a petition and mobilize them for political action. Canadian based cStreet Campaigns helped design and drive the online strategy. A TV advertising blitz ensured parents were already aware of the issue and its effect on them before directors asked them to sign up.

Read the full article on SocialPolicy.org

(Disclosure: We helped arrange this article's publication)

originally published Saturday, July 13, 2013