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Tools for Winning Campaigns & Growing Nations

Today is an exciting day for me personally, and I hope for a number of our clients too.

When I founded cStreet Campaigns two years ago, it was with a mission to help progressive campaigns both large and small win big and win more often. With that mission in mind, today I’m thrilled to announce a series of new tools to empower our clients and other NationBuilder customers to win their campaigns grow their Nations.

These tools – Crowdfunding PagesLookup & Email Your Elected OfficialSocial Sharing Pages, & Personal Feeds – all share a unifying vision: empowering you to connect more deeply with your supporters.

Let’s learn a little more about these tools:

CrowdFunding Pages
In collaboration with the team behind Shit Harper Did, we’ve custom-developed a NationBuilder-powered Crowdfunding Page-type that will allows groups to replicate the Kickstarter experience to crowdfund support for their projects – and without Kickstarter fees. Check out these examples: Fighting Foreclosures, Honour The Treaties, Tar Sands Trial, and SHD’s Cut The Fancy campaign.

Lookup & Email Your Elected Official Pages (Currently only available in Canada)
Email Your Elected Official Pages is a new tool developed by cStreet Campaigns that allows organizations to run simple ‘Email your Elected Official’ campaigns that target Canada’s Federal, Provincial, and (many) Municipal elected officials. The tool embeds within NationBuilder to allow organizations to grow their email lists and connect supporters to elected officials, bypassing the common tactic of blocking emails from a particular email server and ensuring your supporters’ messages get delivered.

Social Sharing Pages
Our Social Sharing Pages were designed based on best practices for sharing, and can be deployed on any Nation. They work by leveraging the Recruiting page-type to power unique Facebook, Twitter, and Email sharing options that can be easily customized using the existing page settings.

Personal Feeds
Personal Feeds are the perfect complement to Public Profiles, giving organizations and campaigns the ability to provide a curated content experience for users. If Public Profiles are NationBuilder’s equivalent to a Facebook profile, a Personal Feed is your user’s Newsfeed.

originally published Sunday, March 23, 2014