Process - cStreet Campaigns


We split the campaign into short and long term goals and from there determined deliverable. It was imperative that the campaign had buy in from the union locals who were themselves hosting the forum. cStreet worked with provincial to develop the scope of the campaign and a creative direction that was inclusive of the materials and best practice the locals would need for promotion.

Because the tools were a key part of the campaign, and the union wanted to leave the door open to participation from locals based on their capacity, cStreet gave a short presentation of both the creative and the tool set to representatives from all the locals. We then work closely with provincial to make sure that the capacity of local leaders was not being exhausted by internalizing as much of the collective work ourselves (for example, setting up event pages for each forum, and taking on the bulk of the promotion).

We worked with MWM360 to develop media targets based on existing demographic research provided by the union as well as MWM360’s expertise. This had effect on our creative messaging, which was expressly aimed at parents and guardians with the intention of reaching members vicariously.