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Embed.ly Adds Support for ShopLocket


We’ve talked about Embedly before here at cStreet, as it’s the service that powers NationBuilder’s automated rich media embedding. Basically, Embedly allows NationBuilder users to add content from places like Flickr, YouTube, Picassa, etc., to be directly embedded into blog posts and pages simply by adding the URL to NationBuilder’s text editor.

It has now added support for lightweight e-commerce solution ShopLocket, and we couldn’t be happier.

ShopLocket is the dream e-commerce solution for many NationBuilder customers because it lets users avoid having to create a parallel site/storefront just to sell their products or services. Since you already have a website, why set up (and send users to) an entirely new place just to house anything being sold?

With ShopLocket, products and services are not tied down to a single page or storefront. Instead, it integrates seamlessly into any kind of site to give you all the benefits of a full storefront from anywhere.

The focus with ShopLocket is on simplicity, and now with Embedly support, NationBuilder users have simple new way to power e-commerce and sales.   

[Disclosure: ShopLocket, like cStreet, are based in Toronto and are friends of ours]

originally published Tuesday, May 21, 2013