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How to Embed a Flickr Gallery (or YouTube Clip) in Your NationBuilder Supporter Navigation

NationBuilder uses to allow Flickr (and loads of other content) to be directly embedded into blog posts & pages by simply adding the URL to NationBuilder’s text editor.  

But what if you want to have a flickr gallery or youtube video display in your NationBuilder sites sidebar? Help is after the 'read more'.

Quick & simple instructions (using flickr as an example, but should work with YouTube, Vimeo etc)

1) Login to your Flickr account and open the set you wish to embed.
2) Enter slideshow-mode, select “share” then “customize this HTML”.
3) If you’re using a NationBuilder official theme or a custom theme with a same-sized supporter nav, set the width of your flickr gallery to 280px wide.
4) Copy the updated Flickr embed code to your clipboard.
5) In your NationBuilder dashboard navigate to Pages > Themes and open “_columns_2.html” (note: you must be running a custom theme, but you can easily clone your official theme, directions here)
6) Paste the embed code after the last {% endif %} and but ahead of the “</div>” & “<!-- right columns ends -->”
7) Hit save and publish and you’re done!

Below is an example from a client site, you can see the flickr gallery below the facebook widget.


originally published Tuesday, June 19, 2012