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cStreet Featured in TechPresident

In late 2014 I was interviewed for an article that came out in January, but I never got around to highlighting on the blog. So here it is! TechPresident: Civic Tech and Engagement: How NationBuilder Helps Organizations Recruit and Mobilize.


“No matter what someone does—comment on a blog post, donate, or sign a petition—that information gets added to your member’s NationBuilder profile. That makes it easy to email a quick thank-you note to all your donors.

'NationBuilder is a slick and powerful organizing machine on a par with the thought and precision of any Apple product,' Kirk J. Torrance, of the SNP, said in an interview with Josh Stuart, the co-founder and president of cStreet Campaigns. 'Certainly the design and layout of the admin dashboard could be enhanced to make it more beautiful,' he admits, but, if he 'were to sit down and build a content management system myself, NationBuilder would be it.'”

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originally published Sunday, April 05, 2015