Case Study: NationBuilder Government Edition for Election Officials

Case Study: NationBuilder Government Edition for Elected Officials

This is the 3rd in a series of posts documenting our work with Long Beach California Council Member Steven Neal’s office to leverage NationBuilder Government Edition to improve constituent management. See the other posts here & here.


One of the most common needs for elected officials is the ability to manage & report based on constituent issues. These requests vary dramatically from noise complaints to bike lanes to development issues.

For Inside District 9, we used NationBuilder’s Feedback page-type to provide a simple issue submit form, but the real magic happens in the back end.

The Chief of Staff, Rex Richardson is the point person for all inbound constituent issues, and every time a constituent fills out the Neighbourood Issue Reporting tool, Rex Richardson gets an email notification & that constituent jumps to the top of his NationBuilder Dashboard.


Each time Rex logs into his dashboard he can categorize each constituent issue, then assign the constituent and responsibility for follow to a number of staffers responsible either based on the issue type or geographic location of the constituent.

Once a staffer receives responsibility for a constituent concern they can reply by phone, by using NationBuilder’s built in email service.


Each month, Rex can pull up a listing of the constituent contacts made by his office, displayed by issue type, or by staffer and report back to the Council Member on the top issues.