Weekend Reading: Days before the election edition - cStreet Campaigns

Weekend Reading: Days before the election edition

At cStreet we’re always talking about the hottest takes, thinkpieces and of course, trends in digital campaigns. Each weekend we’ll round up the best of the web and post it here. Enjoy.

Foreign Policy: The 2016 Election Turned the Politics of Foreign Policy on its Head

New York Times: Campaigns don’t have time for public polls, and how data cultivation is more important.
“Big data” is a buzzword, but that concept is outdated. Campaigns have entered the era of “little data.”

White House Blog: Inside the White House’s Digital Transition Plan.
What now for the @POTUS?

Five ThirtyEight: The Statistically Perfect Bipartisan Stump Speech.
Spoiler Alert: Means absolutely nothing.

AdWeek: Twitter on visual hashtags.
“The less you say, the more you convey.”

Civicist: Text for Bernie Lives
“I was blown away by the power of peer-to-peer texting to connect people to the campaign, to recruit them to volunteer, to create real, meaningful, substantive interactions,”

In case you missed it:
Three ingredients of a Digital Campaign Culture. No bake-recipe.
Josh outlines the differences between Vancouver and Toronto when it comes to digital campaign culture.

Where are we this month:

We’ll be in D.C. for RootsCamp from November 16 to the 20th. Let’s grab a coffee!

We’re also at Progress Gala on November 22, 2016. Come say hi!

(We're also stress-colouring as we wait for election results.)

originally published Friday, November 04, 2016