Weekend Reading: Rootscamp Edition - cStreet Campaigns

Weekend Reading: Rootscamp Edition

At cStreet we’re always talking about the hottest takes, think-pieces and of course, trends in digital campaigns. Here’s what we’re reading this weekend.

N.b.This was written on Wednesday, mere hours after the most unthinkable, appalling fascist candidate became the President-elect. At cStreet, we are processing, grieving, mourning what could have been. Like you, we are sad. So take this time to take care of yourself, call up a friend or a loved one, and most importantly, be mad. After that, let’s fight for progress.

Van Jones killing it on CNN: A god amongst men for dealing with the Trump commentariat.
“If I can't acknowledge the elitism in my party & you can't acknowledge the bigotry in your party, we're never going to get there."

A list of organizations to donate to c/o Jezebel: If you have the means to donate, please do. Any little bit helps.

Huffington Post: Team Bernie on the Hillary Camp's GOTV Efforts

Since we're going to Rootscamp shortly, here's what we'll be reading for that:

Unbounce: What’s a good conversion rate anyway?
Well, the answer is that there is no one good conversion rate. Going beyond vanity metrics will help your organisation and campaign work towards real change. Read this if you’re prepping for an end of year review of your digital ecosystem and let us know if you want to chat about it.

NP Engage: The New Normal in Multi-Channel End of Year Fundraising

In case you missed it:

Launching a campaign against hate? Here’s which NationBuilder pages to use.
We want to make it as easy as we can to continue the fight. Drop us a line and we can work together.

Where are we this month

We’ll be at D.C. for Rootscamp from November 16 to the 20th. Let’s grab a coffee!

We’re also at Progress Gala on November 22, 2016. Come say hi!

originally published Friday, November 11, 2016