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Weekend Reading: SXSW, Union Organizing, Nate Silver and Twitter Stats


At cStreet Campaigns we’re always scouring the web for the latest trends in campaigns. digital organizing, gamification and big data. Each weekend we’ll round up the best of in what we hope will become a weekly feature.

If you’re looking for ways to improve the results of your facebook posts, this should help: The pros and cons of Facebook vs. YouTube videos [SocialBrite]

At SXSW Newark Mayor Cory Booker made an impassioned plea for tech-empowered open democracy [Pando Daily]

More from SXSW where FiveThirtyEight blogger and leaders of the stats nerd Nate Silver gave his advice on Big Data to a room full of startups: Go for the low hanging fruit [Pando Daily]

Put Down the Post-Its: We Need to Define What 'Innovation' Really Means [GOOD]

Weekend Listening! How Charities Stifle Employee Passion Online [Chronicle of Philanthropy]

The Toronto Star took a mainstream look at viral videos and their role in digital-first uprisings: How the Harlem Shake fuels Egypt and Tunisia's protesters [Toronto Star]

Twitter Stats You Need To Know and Tips to Get More Clicks [Frogloop]

We regularly work with Labour groups to improve their organizing programs so we were glad to see this: As unionizing efforts fail, a new labor strategy has emerged: ballot measures. [LA Times]

Along with NationBuilder's Dashboard relaunch last week, they've released a few new videos.  Check it out:


originally published Sunday, March 10, 2013