Upcoming Events Fall 2014 - cStreet Campaigns

Upcoming Events: Fall 2014

Ever wanted to meet the cStreet Campaigns team IRL? Now’s your chance! Below are a few upcoming events we're organizing or will be at. 

Torontonians with Vision Party

(Toronto, Nov 15): Come watch the returns with us on Vancouver election night. Watch the world's most handsome mayor get re-elected with his troupe of amazing progressives.


CanRoots East 

(Toronto, Nov 28-20): Bringing together activists and organizers from a wide variety of incredible organizations, join us to share stories, gain new skills, and trade ideas for building a more progressive, engaged Canada. cStreet’s own CEO Amy Leaman will be leading a workshop.

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(Washington, DC, Dec 13-15): cStreet will be at RootsCamp on December 13 and 14 in Washington, DC, alongside a bunch of progressive organizers, data geeks, and activists of all levels to meet and share knowledge, build skills, and grow networks.

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originally published Tuesday, November 04, 2014