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How we do

At cStreet, we don't just build beautiful websites, we help you curate NationBuilder's suite of tools to help you win your campaigns. This is how we go about it:

building-your-vision2.pngBuilding a vision is a collaborative process between cStreet and the visionary (that's you!) where we identify campaign targets and outcomes both measurable (1000 petition supporters) and immeasurable (increased organisational capacity) and begin to visualise where cStreet + NationBuilder can support - and exceed! - those targets.


  • Get us on the horn or in person for a one-on-one consultation
  • We work with you using our "Design your Nation" tool to output a project brief  based on your vision of change


  • Detailed brief outlining campaigns vision and expectations
  • Design brief detailing how your end users with interact with your new NationBuilder powered website


Mapping your needs and assets is crucial to building your Nation. Here we look at where we can leverage your online and offline resources with the NationBuilder toolset to meet your targets. From this survey we build out a strategy, a way forward, and systems of measuring success so that iteration and course-correction is built-in to your NationBuilder strategy.


  • Working from your project brief, we connect the dots between your goals the NationBuilder toolset.
  • Together we’ll develop a plan, based on best practices


  • Project document including strategies and timelines. 


This is where we roll our sleeves up and get our hands dirty. Nationbuilding is more than just setting up a website (which we do well); we work with you to deliver a highly strategic and seamless user experience so you can engage your supporters, build leadership, and win your campaign.


  • Our developers collaborate to meet project deliverables
  • We stage development and keep open lines of communication so you can feedback into the process


  • Your fully outfitted nation!
  • Training 
  • Revised project document with detailed lessons and recommendations moving forward including ways to grow and leverage your NationBuilder toolset.