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Secondary Pages: Splash page

A splash page is a landing page that you can activate that intercepts traffic on their way to your homepage. Splash pages were famously used in the Obama campaign to drive list growth by putting forward compelling images and calls to action with a simple layout. Users will see your splash page on the first time they visit your web site and not again.


The Social Democrat splash page layout is simple and bold. It features a full page background image of your choice, and a bar across the bottom that contains your call to action and a button that takes you to the page where you would like people to take action. 

Easter egg: If your splash is a signup page, you will get a simple signup form in the bar at the bottom as well as your call to action.

To activate your splash simply create your page how you would like, craft your headline as a compelling call to action, and in the page settings check "make this the splash page." Under "files",  upload an image with the filename containing the word “background” (for example "splash-background.jpg").