RFQ: English to QC-French Translation - cStreet Campaigns

RFQ: English to QC-French Translation

About us:

At cStreet we combine design & strategy with the web’s most effective organizing tools to win progressive campaigns.

About the project:

cStreet is looking to hire an individual or firm to carry an english to french (QC) translation project. You’ll be working directly with cStreet on behalf of one of our clients.


  1. Translation of the theme files for NationBuilder’s Aware Theme to QC-French.  cStreet will provide a Google Doc spreadsheet outlining the translations required, the vendor is not responsible implementing the translations back into the theme files. 

  2. Translation of 5-10 web pages (avg >200 words / page) of copy. cStreet will provide a copy deck outlining the pages and copy that require translation and the vendor will return a translated version of the file. 

  3. Please include in your quote 2-3 hours at the end of the project for revisions and additional support.


Start: ASAP

End: Nov 14


[email protected]