Our Story - cStreet 2.0

Our Story

cStreet Campaigns was founded in spring 2012 by Josh Stuart & Amy Leaman as a way of combining passions for social change, design and technology.  

For years Josh had spoken about the need to technology that responds to the needs of modern campaigns, that combines fundraising, field, communications and data in a way that empower campaigners to take action and win change.  

Similarly Amy had been a passionate advocate for the role in design in social justice and a need for designers to work more closely with non-profits and activists.

We started working with Nationbuilder when it was in beta, and so we've grown up alongside the NationBuilder platform. We're certified as both NationBuilder Experts, Architects and Developers – we have extensive experience and the encompassing set of skills for building sites that deeply integrate with organizing tools to build connectivity and engagement.

We love working on projects that think big and that are centered around deep engagement. That's how we've helped organizations, political candidates, and advocacy groups combine beautiful design, smart strategy, and NationBuilder’s powerful toolset to win campaigns.

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