Our Security Promise - cStreet Campaigns

Our Security Promise

It’s become increasingly evident that data and communications are a battleground in the increasingly divided work we do. We at cStreet are committed to maintaining the privacy and integrity of our clients’ data, intellectual property, and strategy. Moving forward, we have taken the following measures to protect you.

  1. Every cStreet staff person and contractor has signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement in their contract that covers our internal discussions, strategy, intellectual property as well as all information and data provided to us by our clients. We share an office with one other organization and whose lease includes a reciprocal NDA.

  2. cStreet staff do not use personal computers. All staff are provided laptops and desktop computers which are backed up to a central hard drive as well as a second hard drive kept in another secret location. Contractors do use their personal computers but are not given access to our central hard drive and access to client materials limited to their scope of work.

  3. cStreet staff have all moved to using a password manager. Each staff member has a different, randomly generated password for each NationBuilder account we are given access to, our emails, and all our project management and design tools.

  4. cStreet campaigns maintains a record of all the sites each staff person has access to, and once they leave us and we dry our tears and finish the last piece of cake, we remove them as admins from all client nations.

  5. cStreet campaigns keeps records of all keys and people who have access to our office.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or general greetings, please get in touch with [amy at cstreet.ca].