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NationBuilder Featured at #SXSW

Former US Vice President Al Gore and serial entrpreneur (and NationBuilder investor) Sean Parker spoke at #SXSW about politics, technology and social change.  

Below are some of the highlights.

“To the extent that these new mediums and new media are going to have a role in reforming politics, it’s going to happen because … those systems will make politics more efficient,” said Parker (via @techcrunch)

"[Sean Parker] has gotten into politics by investing in Votizen, an online network of voters that leverages social networks to campaign for their issues. He also sits on the board of NationBuilder, which also seeks to organize political change. (via AJC)

“I don’t think change comes in the obvious ways,” Parker said. “Changing the way senators get elected, changing the way these big-budget, top-down, mass media, TV-dominated elections get run, I think is an important but long-term task.” (via @techcrunch)

“Just having large numbers of people on social media doesn’t mean we’re going to do anything more than create virtual farms and innovate newer and more psychologically addictive ways of wasting people’s time.” (via All Things D)

originally published Monday, March 12, 2012