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Fight Over Role of Nurses Intensifies in Saskatchewan

On behalf of the Saskatchewan Union of Nurses (SUN), we were approached by Savaria PR to design and develop a digital engagement program for an escalating fight over the role of registered nurses in the Saskatchewan healthcare system.

At stake is a risky plan being considered by the Saskatchewan government that would result in Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN) being required to provide patient care in situations and settings that their post-secondary school education has not prepared them for.

SUN, interested in defending the role of their highly trained membership, was looking to expand beyond their ongoing advertising campaign and towards developing a digital base of support.  

With the public launch of this week, cStreet Campaigns is excited to announce that this new engagement campaign will have a refreshed digital home.  


This post was re-published to coincide with the full public launch of the campaign

originally published Wednesday, February 18, 2015