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Losing is not an option


Big changes are always exciting to me, and this one is absolutely no different: I am thrilled to be joining the growing team over here at cStreet. From tech development to campaign strategy, it has evolved into the premier campaign consultancy in Canada today, and I am extremely proud to be bringing my energy and experience to this team.

When I started on my very first provincial campaign in 2013, I never dreamt that I would be afforded the opportunities that I have had in the past two years. Whether it was taking down a sitting premier in Vancouver-Point Grey or working on the most ambitious 2015 election plan I’ve seen so far, working towards progress in a wickedly divisive political climate has been an invaluable formative experience. 

Over the last decade there has been a long shadow cast by regressive, ultra-conservative government action worldwide. Social movements have found themselves fighting countless rearguard actions to preserve cornerstones of industrialized democracy: the right to dissent without intimidation, public funding for healthcare, for education, a robust social safety net. The list has grown at a disturbing pace for far too long.

This has had an electrifying effect on our civil society, and the signs are everywhere. Growing numbers of people are standing up to demand a better way forward. They’re ready to turn the tide against the nefarious forces of evil. Through cutting edge campaigns we can strike back with a vengeance, challenge those who would hijack public discourse and buy favour through expensive disinformation campaigns.

It is time for progressives to seek the means to build lasting hard power, and thats why I’m here: to shepherd your campaigns to victory. 2015 can be the year of change, but it starts with a sophisticated campaign plan. So I’ve got to ask, where’s yours?

Well - what are you waiting for? Let’s get started.


originally published Thursday, March 05, 2015