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A Digital Field Campaign for Olivia Chow


This week we began rolling out the latest phase of Olivia Chow’s Digital Field Campaign.  

This project has transformed Olivia Chow’s primary web property into the central organizing platform for the campaign by empowering activists and supporters to carry out vital campaign activities.

Supporters who create accounts on OliviaChow.ca are now presented with an evolving menu of action, and are rewarded with badges for each action they complete.

Why Olivia Chow’s Digital Field Program matters:

1) It puts people first. Campaigns are won with the hard work and determination of a candidate's supporters and volunteers, and Olivia’s has been people-powered, volunteer-centric, and accessible. Now the digital component matches this, empowering supporters to grow in area after area.

2) It provides the campaign with actionable data. Over the next 5 months, supporters will be promoted through their TeamOlivia Dashboard, which in turn feeds crucial data back to the central campaign.

3) It makes everyone an organizer. Every supporter now has the tools to take as much or as little action as they choose. At launch, supporters will be equipped with the means to recruit other supporters, create and run fundraising campaigns, and pledge their vote. New tools and engagement opportunities will be be rolling out for the remainder of the campaign.

The innovative aspect of this project isn’t the idea of letting users take actions online that are normally reserved for field, nor is it even the rewarding of supporters for their actions. Instead, it’s that there’s only one campaign; that field (voter contact), communications, and fundraising have a unified experience online and off.

None of this would be possible without the hard work and leadership from Olivia's campaign team. 

originally published Wednesday, May 21, 2014