Latest Campaign: Home Defenders League - cStreet Campaigns

Latest Campaign: Home Defenders League


Today we’re pleased to announce the launch of our latest project: Home Defenders League.  

The Home Defenders League is a national movement of underwater homeowners and families facing foreclosure who are fighting for accountability of the Wall Street criminals who destroyed the economy, and advocating for public policy solutions that create a more just economy.  

The Home Defenders League reached out to us a few months ago to start a conversation about improving their digital engagement; they had previously used a combination of Wordpress & Salsa Labs, but were excited about leveraging NationBuilder’s unified CMS, CRM, and organizing tools.

Their launch last week corresponded with national coverage of their campaign to win Local Principal Reduction (LPR) as a tool for fighting the foreclosure epidemic. 

Some of the unique features of their custom NationBuilder development:



Learn more about Home Defenders League at:

Sign the petition for Local Principal Reduction at: 

originally published Monday, August 05, 2013