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Tapping into Youth Engagement with GenUN


Our goal over the past two years has been to grow our offerings so that we can really deliver complete and integrated digital campaigns to our clients. Our latest launch for the United Nations Association of the USA (UNA-USA) is a great example of some of the work we do that really rounds out our strategy planning and digital development.

GenUN is a new initiative by the UNA-USA to provide young people with opportunities to become more deeply engaged with the United Nations, both online and off. The campaign is geared directly to university-aged people, and is aspirational: GenUN is your foot in the door to a life and career in changing the world with the United Nations.

Some of the major components of this project are:

genUN_logo_02_(1).pngDesigner: Helen MartonGenUN branding is an updated version of the UN laurels
  • Unique, consistent branding. Our newest addition to the cStreet team, Helén Marton, developed the brand for this project: a bright and colourful take on the iconic United Nations laurels. What will make this project successful is for every piece of content that goes out on the UNA-USA social media channels to be explicitly branded, and drive traffic back to the site. UNA-USA is diligently using this brand on the ground as well, demonstrating the support of senior UN figures for the initiative.

  • Collaborating on the development of a digital strategy, coupled with a model multi-channel engagement plan. During the planning phase of the project we developed a model plan that uses UN Observances and key issue-based advocacy campaigns to drive list growth and supporter engagement.

  • The design and development of the new GenUN website.  The key focal points of this portion of the project were the execution of issue-based campaigns, providing a home for the Youth Observer, and empowering activists with tools and resources to build GenUN.

The Administrator of UNDP and former PM of New Zealand Helen Clark, UNA-USA / GenUN Youth Engagement Coordinator Monika Johnson and UNA-USA President/CEO, Kathy Calvin. Photo credit: Alex Irvin



originally published Thursday, August 14, 2014