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The Tar Sands Trial & SHD Pioneer Distributed ‘Kickstarter-style’ Fundraising

Traditionally, fundraising with NationBuilder has involved using one of two page-types to power giving: Donation Pages, which allow for simple one-time contributions, and MoneyBombs, which are aimed at turning fundraising into an event by allowing supporters to pledge to give at a specific date/time, which can provide a sense of momentum.  

In collaboration with the team behind Shit Harper Did, we’ve custom-developed a hybrid of the two that will allow groups to replicate the ‘Kickstarter / IndieGoGo’ experience.

Right now, The Tar Sands Trial are using this new tool to crowdsource $25,000 to cover the first phase of a legal action against over 17,000 different infringements on the Beaver Lake Cree’s Treaty Rights. This is the latest step in a protracted legal battle since 2008 between the Beaver Lake Cree Nation and the Alberta and Canadian governments over expansive (and destructive) tar sands development. The $25,000 that the Nation is aiming to raise during this fundraising drive will fund a ‘cumulative impact’ report required by the courts.

Meanwhile, Shit Harper Did have been using the new tool for their own project – a $12,000 fundraising effort to produce a documentary and action about creepy Conservative behaviour campaign that highlights the Canadian Conservative government's spying.

“The Conservatives are spending $1.2 billion to build the most expensive government building ever constructed: a glass “spy palace” for military personnel who monitor emails and phone calls. On top of that, this year it was discovered that $3 billion dollars in anti-terrorism funding went “missing." The Conservatives still haven’t explained where the money went.”

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Still image taken from the Tar Sands Trial video
originally published Tuesday, November 26, 2013