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Improving Social Share Results Using NationBuilder's Recruiting Pages


Recruiting pages are one of NationBuilder’s most used yet least understood page-types. When a new Nation is created, a Recruiting page is automatically generated. Most Nations simply have their supporters land on this page when they complete an action like signing a petition or making a donation, but there’s more that can be done.

Below are a few simple tips for getting the most out of your recruiting pages.

Test your results
We always recommend that clients run testing programs on the key calls-to-action on their sites, and recruitment pages are no different. We’d recommend drafting & testing at least 3 different calls-to-share to share, as well as testing images and page layout to find the style and content that resonates the most with your supporters.  We often use Optimizely to run page-level A/B and multivariate tests on Nations. 

Create recruiting pages for each user interaction
If you have a donation (or petition, or endorsement, etc) page, the recruiting page that supporters land on after completing the action should have content specific to the action they just completed. In the backend, make sure to specify the page to share in your Recruitment page settings.

Use your intro text
Your recruiting page should explicitly thank supporters for completing actions and provide a ‘call to share’ that ties back into the action they just completed. For instance, if a supporter just completed a donation, you might say something like:

Thanks for your contribution; we couldn’t do it without you. With your donation we’ll be able to add additional organizers in target districts this election.

By sharing news of your donation with your network and encouraging others to give, you’re showing Wall St that they can’t buy the votes of working families.

Bonus tip: Watch this space next week as we'll be announcing a new tool for NationBuilder customers to further improve their social sharing. 

originally published Friday, July 19, 2013