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Webinar: Get to know Hustle

With Hustle, you can have more conversations in less time. Personalized, one-to-one text messaging is 66x faster than phone calls, and has 3x the response rate of emails.

In this introductory webinar, we’ll walk you through the tool, it’s basic workflow and show off some best practices for engaging your supporters.

What others are saying about Hustle:

DailyDot: "This text messaging app is Bernie Sanders’s secret weapon." (1)
Techcrunch: "Hustle is the grassroots personalized mass-texting tool we need." (2)
Fission: "If you want your supporters to be involved with your campaign — text messaging is where it is at." (3

Event details

June 14, 2017 at 2:00pm GoToMeeting Webinar
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