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How to build a kick ass site: "Take a Lawn Sign" page

Lawn Sign pages are important to campaigns. The easiest page type to manage this with is a Signup page type. With a signup page type you can ask users to tag themselves with one of a few tags so you can specify people who would like a big sign, a window sign, etc. We've developed a simple way to turn a sign up page into to a lawn sign page. Simply make sure that the word "lawn" is in your page slug and you'll notice the following cool little changes: 

  • If you make this into a supporter nav button or homepage widget the associated icon will be a little leaf
  • The button on your signup page will say "take a sign" instead of "submit"

Quick tip: Have people who sign up on you lawn sign page land on a donation page that asks them to chip in 5$ for their sign, or 10$ to cover their sign and their neighbour's. Have that donation land them on a social share page (recruiting page type) that shares the original lawn sign page.  

And of course, don't forget to set up your follow ups! Everyone that signs up for a sign should trigger a follow up with the person on your team responsible for getting signs out.