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How to build a kick ass site: Set up your header

A key feature of Social Democrat is the header. We've designed it so that you can achieve ultimately flexibility but also maintain a consistent brand across candidates, riding associations, constituency sites, or party sites.

Your provincial logo is already loaded into your template. To activate it for a candidate or a sitting representative, follow these steps:

  1. In the political settings of your nation, enter a candidate name or a sitting representative name in the candidate field.
  2. In your site settings add the subheadline. This will appear below your candidate/representative name so it may be the name of the riding, or it could be the office your candidate is seeking.
  3. In your site headline, make sure you use the word "Candidate", "MP", "MLA", or "MPP" (case sensitive)
  4. Save all your settings and you're good to go!

If you are a party site or would like to have your logo appear on the left as the primary logo, simply upload it under your site settings in the "site logo" tab. 

If you would like to have simply text in your header, do not upload a logo or enter a candidate. Simply put the text you would like to appear in the "Long name" field in your site settings.