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How to build a kick ass site: Header Signup

Your most important call to action is a basic signup. You should carefully consider your call to action and how you want people to feel when they decide to stay connected with your campaign. What we often ask our clients to consider is: what are people buying into when they become a supporter of your campaign? What are they giving up. 

Some standard signup calls to action are based on the following: 

  • Join the team: This is a fine call to action when your campaign is team-focused. Are you organizing your volunteers and supporters into local or neighbourhood teams? Are you approaching all your supporters with ways to get further involved? If so, asking them to join the team is a great way to signal that this a participatory campaign.
  • Join the movement: If your campaign has a lot of momentum this call to action will engage and inspire people. If you are not actually part of a movement then it will fall flat. 
  • Stand with X: If your candidate or association has a clear mandate or policy then asking people to sign on to that will be the best way to build your support base. 

The most important advice is to make it your ownYour supporters can smell a cliche from a mile away. Think of them first when you're coming up with your killer call-to-action.

Social Democrat was designed to optimize sign-up conversions. We included a signup box on your homepage and one that follows your users in the top navigation on many secondary pages. In mobile we created a drawer that follows users around on many pages. 

Note: these are visible to logged out users only.

The sign-up options are different depending on what type of page your user is on:

  1. On the homepage in desktop format, users see a signup bar along the bottom of the featured content slider. In mobile formats, the signup is fixed to the bottom of the window and pops up when you click on it.

  2. On pages that do not have some sort of form (i.e. Basic, FAQ etc), in desktop format, the signup form is in the header container under the logo. In mobile format, the signup is part of a fixed sliding panel attached to the bottom of the window.

  3. On pages that have some sort of form (i.e. Suggestion Boxes, Donation pages, etc) users sign up as part of the intake process of filling out the form that is native to the page and so there is no additional signup form.