Goals and Objectives - cStreet Campaigns

Goals and Objectives

Alumni associations want to be able to make data-driven decisions when it comes to outreach and fundraising.

How will they know who their most engaged Alums are? Keep accurate information? NationBuilder allows you to set up a parent nation (the association) and subnations (the clubs). The subnation data is shared up to the parent. While your clubs are out there having networking events, that data is synced back to you so you can tell who is showing up. The integrity of this data is important, and was top of mind during both projects.

Both university clients we worked with had spent years supporting their clubs and troubleshooting their issues. They knew that moving them to a new system and training them on new tools, while a valuable and much needed exercise, would come with challenges of buy-in and a steep learning curve. They wanted their tools suites to be something their clubs would see themselves in, and be proud to use and send their members to.