Announcing: Quebec-French Translated NationBuilder Theme

Announcing: Quebec-French Translated NationBuilder Theme


We are excited to launch the first fully translated Quebec-French version of NationBuilder’s Aware Theme.

The translation was undertaken by a professional, native Quebec-French speaking translator. This ensures that the linguistic and idiomatic uniqueness of the Quebecois language are included in the theme’s translations.

All 240 files in NationBuilder’s classic Aware theme were translated line-by-line, as were the autoresponses of pages that have them. This ensures that, out-of-the-box, the theme is ready to go, whatever your organization’s needs. Simply either create a subsite or signup for a separate Nation, choose the Quebecois French Aware Theme, and you’re ready to go.

Further, this translation bootstrap allows us to offer Quebec-French translated version of any of NationBuilder’s official themes.

NationBuilder’s localization remains in beta so there are still a few areas of user interaction where English may appear.  

If you’re interested in purchasing the theme contact [email protected]

Photo by: Quinn Dombrowski

originally published Wednesday, February 04, 2015