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Get to Know More tools


Kick start your Fundraising with a MoneyBomb. MoneyBombs turn fundraising into an event. Set a goal, set a date and rally your supporters and their networks to commit to funding your film. Let supporters set fundraising goals, and track their progress.


Want to become your own distribution platform for your film? No problem. We can help set up a storefront to sell physical copies or streaming rights to your film. What’s more, you can use NationBuilder Business edition to produce and track invoices and manage the business of filmmaking.


cNationBuilder supports events creation and calendar with tight integration with Facebook, including adding all RSVPs to your database of contacts and supporters. Events can be paid or free, allowing you to fundraise through screenings and aggregate your data all on one place. We’ll help you tap into your email list & social networks to crowdsource your events. With NationBuilder you can empower your supporters to host screening and invite their friends.


Nationbuilder makes it easy to accept NationBuilder does not tack on a facebook or twitter button to your website and call it ‘social’. NationBuilder has deep integration into the Facebook & twitter API’s to allow data mining, simplified sharing and the ability to track your top recruiters.

Every time a supporter takes action on your new site they’ll credit in the form of ‘Political Capital’ when their friends visit the site. Political Capital allows you, as well as other users, to see which followers are most influential and best at recruiting followers to your site.


cStreet can help you make sure no one falls through the cracks. Make sure event hosts, donors, RSVP and new signups are taken care of by assigning point people, setting up autoresponses, followups, and best practices for engagement.