Tools of the Trade Part 1 - cStreet Site v 2

Tools of the Trade Part 1


cStreet can help migrate all your email list, pull in your twitter followers and connect your facebook page (not to mention any other data you’ve got) to get you started with NationBuilder. We’ll help you match up your emails with your social contacts so we start to get an full picture of who's in your Nation.

Put a face to your supporters with a personal profile. When you’re using NationBuilder, every supporters will automatically receive a personal profile page. This is where your supporters can interact with each other, display their bios, site activity, and connect social media accounts to their crowd-funding goals.

Exclusive to cStreet customers we can couple your supporters profiles with Personal Feeds. If profiles are NationBuilders answer to Facebook profiles, then Personal Feeds are our answer to Newsfeeds. Together they give your website a micro-social network that pulls in your supporters data from across the social web.