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Dear IE8, We need to talk.


It's not me, it's you. 

Since we started this thing 2 years ago, it never quite felt right between us. There was something about you and me that just never fit. Maybe it was that you make fonts look so terrible, or that you weren't supportive of the CSS that makes sites look awesome like background-size: cover, or rgba. 

Don't say I didn't put in the work! Hours and hours of browser testing, I did everything I could. But sometimes, you know, a woman needs a little negative top margin, and you just refused to let me have it. 

But the real reason I'm ending this thing between us is this: our analytics show that most of our clients have 40% mobile and tablet visitors, while only 1% use you as a browser. We're choosing mobile responsive design over you. See, all of these little workarounds add up and make it nearly impossible to have a site that is 100% IE8 compatible and also mobile responsive. You're built to be rigid and inflexible. We want to be able to move around and scale to different device sizes. 

That's why we're taking our cue from Google Apps, the New York Times, and Yahoo! Mail and moving on.

Best of luck,
Amy Leaman
VP Operations

originally published Wednesday, June 18, 2014