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cStreet Campaigns Featured on NationBuilder.com

cJung.jpgBelow is an excerp from a blog post on NationBuilder.com highlighting our work for our clients Queensland United Voice and Greenpeace India. ย You can read the full post on NationBuilders Blog:

Turning petitions into action for labor, environment

NationBuilder's petition feature is a powerful tool for generating interest in your cause and building your supporter database. Josh Stuart, NationBuilder Architect and co-founder of digital organizing firm cStreet Campaigns, uses petitions with many of his clients and shared with us his practiced insight on how to effectively leverage petitions for change.

Josh uses petitions because they offer a simple way to grow an email list while keeping existing supporters engaged and involved. They can also be a great way to pull supporters up the ladder of engagement - from petition signers to higher value supporters like donors and volunteers. "Turning email addresses into supporters, recruiters, and donors for your organization is hard work and it takes varied and ongoing engagement to make it happen," said Stuart. "We always urge clients to have a clear plan."

The blog post focus on our use of NationBuilder petitions (and endorsements) to grow our clients supporter lists and mobilize their existing base.

Using the endorsements page type in NationBuilder, cStreet set up a form for the directors to sign using iPads in the field. But instead of a simple thank you autoresponse, after signing they received a template of an email to forward to all of the parents of the kids attending their school. "This helped build support for the campaign among parents and drove new petition signatures from the constituency that is directly impacted by the child care funding," said Stuart.

For Josh, the biggest advantage of using NationBuilder's petition tool is that it connects directly into your supporter database, so you can immediately start engaging with people. โ€œWe love that fields autopopulate, that supporter data merges simply in the back end and the ability to redirect people who sign to any other page.โ€

NationBuilder "just works," he said. "Thereโ€™s no broken code or outdated plugins - just tools for organizing."

originally published Tuesday, August 28, 2012