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cStreet at Canroots West: November 16-18

Every year, organizers from across the country come together to learn from each other, and sharpen their skills for the next big social challenge, progressive election or grassroots win. Canroots is the Canadian equivalent of Netroots, the holy grail event for political/social change nerds wonderful humans.

We’re honoured and excited to join an impressive group of presenters in Vancouver this November, covering a range of topics from racism and colonialism, to effective union organizing, to next level digital strategies and campaigns.

Our workshop, “Email Is Dead Dying: Future Proofing With SMS”, borrows lessons learned from working with unions, candidates, social movements and NGOs. We’ll also break down how the Jagmeet Singh campaign used peer-to-peer texting to recruit volunteers, pack events, raise $, and GOTV like a boss 💪.




Join us! We promise it’ll be fun (or funny), and we have free candy. You’ll also leave knowing how to:

  • Future proof your database and lists
  • Acquire new mobile numbers
  • Replace your phone banks with text banks, and
  • Create awesome campaigns that people actually respond to

If you haven’t snapped up your tickets, it’s not too late. Visit the Canroots website, designed and developed by cStreet, for more info.

Good to go? Text CANROOTS17 to 6475575214 to say 👋 and let us know you're coming!

cStreet is a proud sponsor of Canroots West. We encourage you to learn more about the amazing work Organize BC is doing to build strong progressive movements, and create lasting change.


originally published Tuesday, November 14, 2017