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Unions are under attack; Governments are using the austerity agenda to limit bargaining and impose new restrictions on unions around the world. In the private sector, big business is demanding unprecedented concessions in bargaining and deploying new and increasingly sophisticated techniques to suppress organizing by workers. Unions that win in the 21st century are the ones that embrace 21st century organizing. That means integrating workplace, street, and online organizing. cStreet can identify the best Nationbuilder tools for your organizing or bargaining campaign and build a unique strategy to combine online tools with your offline resources to help build community support and mobilise your members.

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Tools of the Trade


One of the most common ways we help unions grow their supporter lists & develop organizing prospects is through petitions & microsites.

With NationBuilder you can create an unlimited number of petitions or microsites that feed data straight into your database. We can help you automatically assign tags to new signups, and filter your lists for various actions to help build up your entire organization.

By collecting employer information on new signups we can help target workplaces ripe for organizing or provide the organizing department with lists of leads.


Your email list is one of the strongest tools you have to catch the attention of your supporters. We’ll take your email lists and put them to work mobilizing your members and non-members alike. We’ll test messages, subject lines, and from addresses to develop the most compelling bulk emails. We can help you target based on demographics, social media data, members vs. non-members and Klout scores.

  • "I needed a great CRM / CMS tool, and a great consultant to get it up and running and support us as we went live. Thankfully, we landed both with NationBuilder, Josh and his cStreet team. We were up and running in weeks and haven’t looked back."

    - Steven Miles, United Voice Queensland

  • Big Steps microsite was focused on building support for the unions campaign to secure funding for state sponsored childcare and improved working conditions for childcare workers.


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More Tools


NationBuilder has a built-in phone numbers for text blasting (SMS) & voicemail. You can add your virtual phone number to flyers and outreach materials to let organizing leads text interest in organizing drives & RSVP for organizing committee meetings.

Once we’ve got you up and running with SMS, we can help your campaign pair NationBuilder’s call lists browser plugins to let trusted leaders run phone banks from their houses with simple data entry back to the union office.


We can set you up with custom leaderboards for your top activists, social media supporters and other fans and friends of your union. Throughout the site & on public profiles your members will be denoted with special badges to differentiate them from non member supporters. Your supporters can earn and spend “participation credits” for spreading the word on Twitter and Facebook and recruiting new signups. 


cStreet can help you build workflows for your staff to manage members and new signups including assigning point people, setting up autoresponses, and best practices for engagement.


NationBuilder supports events creation and calendar with tight integration with Facebook, including adding all RSVPs to your database of contacts and supporters.  If your events are private (organizing committee meetings etc) we can help you restrict access to signed in users or members-only.  

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