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Announcing: Organizing as a Service

Since its inception, cStreet Campaigns has always been first and foremost a campaigns firm (it’s right there in our name). Our design team has gotten us a lot of attention for the beautiful work they’ve done, but the design process is just one tool in a larger toolbox. Our goal? Putting clients in the best possible position to get tangible results with their campaigns and make a lasting, meaningful difference.

It’s for this reason that we don’t take on straight design projects – we prefer deeper engagements with our clients where we can integrate design, NationBuilder tools and know-how, and campaign best practices to maximize success and impact.

So today I’m pleased to announce a new program from cStreet Campaigns that we’re calling “Organizing as a Service.” This is a new suite of services aimed at groups that have migrated to NationBuilder and are looking for help in taking their projects to the next level.

The goal of Organizing as a Service is to help campaigns and organizations rapidly scale their organizing efforts by providing both the capacity and expertise to plan, design, and execute custom-organizing plans. The program represents the culmination of a few projects we’ve piloted over the last few months.

Each project takes a unique approach, but here are some ideas for what it might look like:

  • A/B testing programs for your email lists, social media accounts, and website to determine (and then implement) what your supporters respond to best

  • A supporter engagement measurement program and custom communication plan to make the most out of your supporter lists

  • Intelligent targeting to convert prospective voters and donors

This new program will allow us to formalize the work we’ve done with clients in recent month and we look forward to bringing these services to more and more NationBuilders in the coming months.

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originally published Monday, October 28, 2013


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