Change the Course Launches to Envision an Equitable Climate-Stable Future


Below is a guest post from Brad Schenck, the Digital Director at Rainforest Action Network (RAN) about a major new project launching today.  We've been working on Change the Course for most of a year and couldn't be more excited about today's launch.  

Today, we’re launching a new project to envision a just and equitable climate-stable future — and brainstorm the strategies to make that vision a reality.

It’s called Change the Course.

Tackling climate change can feel overwhelming. It can feel too big, too abstract. Fighting one battle after another -- and never knowing if it will be enough to stop climate change.

Some of RAN’s campaigners took a moment to pause from constant, target-based campaigns and really envisioned what  2050 would look like if we had reached a just and equitable climate stable future. The outcome was a renewed sense of optimism and clarity on possible paths forward. 

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SHD to Release Hard Hitting Documentary on the Canadian Security State

Below is a guest post from our friends & clients at SHD on their plans to release a hard hitting documentary film on the Canadian Security State. 

In 2013 - thanks to the generous support of people across the country - we started producing a hard-hitting documentary about Canada’s surveillance programs. Think “Fahrenheit 911” times a thousand, so “Fahrenheit 911,000.” We’ve interviewed some of the countries leading experts and those who have actually been wrongfully targeted by this surveillance and intimidation. Together with members of the SHD community we’ve also taken direct action multiple times to confront Canada’s spy agencies at their own headquarters.

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Weekend Reading: The Urgency of Change, Email Best Practices, and How to Punch Above Your Weight in a Digital World


At cStreet Campaigns we’re always scouring the web for the latest trends in campaigns, digital organizing, gamification and big data. Each weekend we'll round up the best of the web and post it here. Enjoy!

Mobilization Lab: It’s all just organizing; How small organizations can punch above their weight in a digital world [Link]
Netroots Foundation: Nonprofit guide to email best practices [Link
Globe and Mail: Online politicking, you say? Way too offbeat for Canadian politicians [Link]
Epolitics: The Urgency of Digital Organizing, Part One: Scaling Real Relationships [Link]
Chartio: SaaS Economics are the Future of Charity [Link]
Pixels & Politics: Campaigns As Politically Disruptive Startups [Link]
NationBuilder: The Must-Know Campaign Strategy of 2016: Twitter Imports [Link]

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cStreet Featured in TechPresident


In late 2014 I was interviewed for an article that came out in January, but I never got around to highlighting on the blog. So here it is! TechPresident: Civic Tech and Engagement: How NationBuilder Helps Organizations Recruit and Mobilize.

Excerpt: "No matter what someone does—comment on a blog post, donate, or sign a petition—that information gets added to your member’s NationBuilder profile. That makes it easy to email a quick thank-you note to all your donors.

“NationBuilder is a slick and powerful organizing machine on a par with the thought and precision of any Apple product,” Kirk J. Torrance, of the SNP, said in an interview with Josh Stuart, the co-founder and president of cStreet Campaigns. “Certainly the design and layout of the admin dashboard could be enhanced to make it more beautiful,” he admits, but, if he “were to sit down and build a content management system myself, NationBuilder would be it.”"

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Career: Designer


cStreet Campaigns is digital campaigns firm that uses technology to win campaigns for social change.  Our current and past clients have included Olivia Chow for Mayor, Shit Harper Did, Vision Vancouver, Rainforest Action Network, SEIU Healthcare and others.  We are seeking a Junior Designer to join our growing team.  The successful applicant will work our team at our Queen St W office to support internal and client facing projects.

Our clients are the best in the world and while we're not a design agency, fun, thoughtful, and exciting design is a core offering.

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Losing is not an option


Big changes are always exciting to me, and this one is absolutely no different: I am thrilled to be joining the growing team over here at cStreet. From tech development to campaign strategy, it has evolved into the premier campaign consultancy in Canada today, and I am extremely proud to be bringing my energy and experience to this team.

When I started on my very first provincial campaign in 2013, I never dreamt that I would be afforded the opportunities that I have had in the past two years. Whether it was taking down a sitting premier in Vancouver-Point Grey or working on the most ambitious 2015 election plan I’ve seen so far, working towards progress in a wickedly divisive political climate has been an invaluable formative experience. 

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Is 2015 a Year of Change in Canada?


At cStreet Campaigns we work with progressive campaigns around the world.  We’ve helped bring a major Australian union to NationBuilder, revamped the UK-based digital campaign to ban unpaid internships, and worked with a wide spectrum of US progressives.

That international work will never stop, it’s essential to our organization; but I wanted to take a moment and put something in writing about the importance of 2015 for Canadian progressives.  

This year we’ll have a federal election that will act as a referendum on 9 years of Stephen Harper’s Conservative Party rule. Either Canada will embrace more of the same or opt for something new. The stakes are clear; this is an administration that’s ignored climate changedeepened income inequalityfeuded with First Nations and spied on Canadians coast to coast to coast. 

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Making the Difference Launches as Fight Over Role of Nurses Intensifies in Saskatchewan


On behalf of the Saskatchewan Union of Nurses (SUN), we were approached by Savaria PR with the idea of designing and developing a digital engagement program for an escalating fight over the role of registered nurses in the Saskatchewan healthcare system.

At stake is a risky plan being considered by the Saskatchewan government that would result in Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN) being required to provide patient care in situations and settings that their post-secondary school education has not prepared them for.

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