Weekend Reading: Political Adverts, Rethinking the Ladder of Engagement, Civic Tech and more


At cStreet Campaigns we’re always scouring the web for the latest trends in campaigns, digital organizing, gamification and big data. Each weekend we’ll round up the best of the web and post it here. Enjoy!

Atkinson Foundation: What Activists and Startups Have In Common [LINK]

Brad A SchenckThere is no Ladder in a Matrix of Engagement [LINK]

New York Times: Campaigns Find Ad Space Finite, Even on the Web [LINK]

NP Engage: Design a Fundraising Appeal that Raises More this December [LINK]

Forbes: Study Shows Facebook Ads Work Best With A Little Foreplay [LINK] 

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Must Read: Atkinson Foundation Civic Tech Primer

Our friends at the Atkinson Foundation have released a must-read primer for Civic Tech about social change that was prepared by another friend and collaborator of ours, Jennifer Hollett. 

The primer, which we had a modest role contributing to via a series of brainstorm sessions, tackles the ABCs of civic tech and contains case studies for different models of tech adoption to support progressive change.

It's well worth the read and is available for download.


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Organizing Snowflake Model Campaigns in NationBuilder


*Disclosure: This post was inspired by a conversation I had with Karl Hardin of Dogwood Initiative and my business partner Amy Leaman in Vancouver earlier this year.  Karl’s work with Dogwood helped flesh out the logistics of implementing snowflake models in NationBuilder.*

It’s common for clients to approach us early in our engagement to chat about what is commonly known as a ‘snowflake’.  For those who aren’t familiar, the ‘Snowflake Model’ is a way of organizing teams of supporters or activists. It was popularized by the writing and teaching of Marshall Ganz and the field (voter contact) programs of Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012.  

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Developing a Brand for GenUN


The United Nations (UN) rarely needs an introduction, it being a well-established organization that has grown to incorporate 193 member states since its inception in 1945. In short: it is huge, omnipresent, and well-regarded, representing a way towards a better world.

But as well known as it is, the UN and its affiliated organizations do not have the same name recognition or resonance with younger audiences. A new initiative by the United Nations Association of the United States of America (UNA-USA) called GenUN (Generation United Nations) aims to address this by working to engage younger generations in working towards UN goals, both online and off.

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Guest Post: One of The Best Decisions I Ever Made


*Below is a guest post from David Badash the editor of The New Civil Rights Movement, a fast-growing news and opinion site focused on LGBT issues and progressive politics with two million+ monthly readers*

If you’ve ever watched one of those reality TV makeover shows -- where the host dismantles a restaurant and creates a brand new one in its place, one that builds on the heart and soul of a long-standing family business that was in desperate need of repair -- you’ll know how I felt when I first saw cStreet’s vision for our updated website.

As a small business owner, I know that every decision I make can have dramatic, long-term effects. As a publisher with an extensive social media reach -- we’re listed on Mediametric’s top 100 most-shared websites -- even just a few people giving us the thumbs down could have far-reaching consequences.

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Tapping into Youth Engagement with GenUN


Our goal over the past two years has been to grow our offerings so that we can really deliver complete and integrated digital campaigns to our clients. Our latest launch for the United Nations Association of the USA (UNA-USA) is a great example of some of the work we do that really rounds out our strategy planning and digital development.

GenUN is a new initiative by the UNA-USA to provide young people with opportunities to become more deeply engaged with the United Nations, both online and off. The campaign is geared directly to university-aged people, and is aspirational: GenUN is your foot in the door to a life and career in changing the world with the United Nations.

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3 Digital Strategy Mistakes Learned the Hard Way


For more than two years now, Amy Leaman and I have shepherded over 20 clients through a process of digital strategy development. Applied to clients and projects both large and small, this internally-developed process has undergone substantial shifts and revisions in that time.

The process – which we call “mapping” – allows us to gather a deeper understanding of how both our clients and their campaigns have evolved over time, which we can use to help construct a ‘digital roadmap’ for their future campaign and organizational strategy.

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Latest Launch: NALIP


Our latest launch is for our friends at NALIP, the National (US) Association of Latino Independent Producers.

The National Association of Latino Independent Producers (NALIP) is a national membership organization that addresses the professional needs of Latino content creators. We stand as the premiere Latino media organization, addressing for fifteen years the most underrepresented and the largest ethnic minority in the country.

Learn more and view their new digital home at NALIP.org >>

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