About cStreet Campaigns | cStreet Campaigns

We are a team of designers, developers, activists, academics, artists, and idealists. We are certified NationBuilder Architects, NationBuilder Developers, and NationBuilder Experts. We have different backgrounds and one thing in common: we use our skills for good. Meet the team.

Josh Stuart


Josh Stuart is the President of cStreet Campaigns, a digital campaigns firm with clients around the world. He specializes in using the organizing platform NationBuilder to help NGOs, labour unions, and political campaigns revamp and recharge their digital strategy. Since co-founding cStreet in 2012 Josh has worked with 50+ organizations around the world including Rainforest Action Network, The United Nations Association of the United States, SEIU Healthcare, United Voice, Unifor and Vision Vancouver. Also, he was the first person to upload the Jose Bautista bat flip to Giphy.

Amy Stuart

CEO & Creative Director

Amy is a graduate of the Ontario College of Art and Design and holds a masters degree in Urban Design from University College London. Before co-founding cStreet, Amy worked with organisations and movements, communicating their stories through design. 

Natasha Wilson

Digital Director

As Digital Director, Natasha is responsible for developing strategies and campaigns to successfully engage communities. Before joining cStreet, Natasha worked in leadership positions with national and international NGOs, using digital acquisition and engagement strategies to tackle timely social, political and environmental issues.

Alex Flint

Lead Developer

Alex is responsible for all things code, from building internal tools, to creating custom websites and apps for clients. With a decade of experience at Canada’s top tech companies and start-ups, he brings a passion for building amazing software to the team. When he’s not writing code, he watches too many movies, runs ultra-marathons, and embarrassingly baby-talks to his dog.

Septembre Anderson

Front-End Web Developer

Septembre Anderson is Alex Flint’s right-hand woman. As cStreet Campaign’s front-end web developer, she thinks in P tags and curly brackets in order to turn digital dreams into virtual realities. Before Septembre waded into the world of web development she was a freelance journalist who wrote about politics, world issues and lipstick. When Septembre is not hunched over her laptop banging out code she can be found patiently waiting for the latest George R.R. Martin novel with a mug of Earl Grey tea.

Andrés Aquino

Advisor, Community Advocate, and Startup Investor

Andrés is a Managing Partner at Toronto based Digital Service Firm, The Working Group (TWG) and a close advisor to cStreet, supporting their growth as a leading service provider of NationBuilder campaigns and online community development. When Andrés isn’t meeting with cStreet president Josh Stuart for breakfast strategy sessions, he is leading Product Strategy and Employee Growth at TWG. The Working Group collaborates closely with national brands and growing startups to design and deliver digital products for their customers and users.